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Join the Indiana PHCC to Elevate Your Business and Empower Our Profession

Align yourself with a community of outstanding plumbing, heating, and cooling (P-H-C) professionals, who are dedicated to excellence, education, and advocacy. Whether you're looking to expand your business, enhance your skills, or contribute to the industry's future, our organization offers a suite of benefits designed to support your goals at every level.

Membership Levels


P-H-C contractors who are looking to leverage industry-specific resources, training, advocacy, and networking opportunities.
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Suppliers, manufacturers, and service providers who are seeking to connect with industry leaders and contribute to the P-H-C community.
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Member Benefits

Access to the Best People and Practices
Join thousands of P-H-C professionals and gain access to a network that can significantly impact your bottom line through shared knowledge, best practices, and industry insights.

Advocacy and Protection
We actively advocate for the interests of our members, fighting over-regulation and ensuring that your voice is heard in legislative processes. Our involvement in code changes and regulatory committees safeguards your livelihood and promotes a favorable business environment.

High-Powered Workforce Development
The skills gap is a challenge we tackle head-on through initiatives like, a platform designed to connect Indiana P-H-C contractors with qualified candidates, streamlining the recruitment process and elevating the profession to the next generation.

Exclusive Discounts and Resources
Members enjoy discounts on essential services such as payment processing, gas, group health insurance, and risk management tools, among others. These benefits are designed to reduce operational costs and enhance your business’s profitability.

Stay Informed with News and Insights
Keep abreast of industry developments with our weekly e-newsletters, the quarterly Contractor Connection, and timely email alerts, ensuring you never miss out on critical information.

Comprehensive Education Opportunities
From local chapter programs and state chapter conventions to national webinars and trade shows, our three-tiered education system offers technical classes, CEUs, code updates, and more, catering to every learning preference and requirement.

Expert Apprenticeship Training
With 7 apprenticeship schools across Indiana, we offer discounted tuition for members and a proven track record of high pass rates on professional licensing exams. Our comprehensive training covers essential skills beyond the basics, including finance, project management, and marketing.

Your Future in P-H-C Starts Here

Becoming a member is more than just joining an organization; it's investing in your future and the future of the industry. Embrace the opportunity to grow, learn, and lead.

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